Southern Stars


(This is a copy of the note sent home on 20 July)


Lyrics and learning tracks have just been released for the Southern Stars Massed Choir so it is time to get learning!


Enclosed is your lyrics sheet. The massed choir only sing the lyrics in bold type. The other lyrics are there so you can have the context of the rest of the song.  Please look after your lyrics sheet and bring it to all rehearsals both at school and in Wollongong. It is suggested that you purchase a plastic folder or sleeve to protect your lyrics sheet as it will become a very well used document.


The following link can be used to listen to the audio learning tracks on a computer at home.


The audio tracks consist of the whole song as it will be in the show.  The only parts the choir should sing are the parts where Rachel Kelly's voice can be heard prominently over the track.  This will always the match the bold lyrics in the booklet and is obvious when you hear the audio tracks. The massed choir parts are always in unison.  


All students are asked to spend some time looking and singing through these lyrics. We will work our way through the book from front to back and will let you know which songs you should familiarise yourself with in time for each school rehearsal.


Our first combined rehearsal with the other schools will be on 3 August at Dapto High School.  Further details on this rehearsal will be provided in the next couple of weeks. Students should listen to the daily "Bugle" announcements in their classroom regarding our lunchtime school rehearsals.


Should you have any questions please let us know. If you would like me to forward the audio track link above by email please send me an email at