Whole school notes

Self Help note (pdf 1104 KB)

Gibraltar/Jellore self help (pdf 728 KB)

GENERAL CONSENT 2018 (pdf 318 KB)

MEDICAL 2018 (pdf 313 KB)

PERMISSION TO PUBLISH 2018 (pdf 278 KB)In this section you will find notes that have been sent home to students across grades and stages.

District Swimming note (pdf 113 KB)

Clean Up Australia (pdf 176 KB)

Debating Day (pdf 548 KB)

Invoice reminder (pdf 90 KB)

ICAS Years 2-6 (pdf 434 KB) 'University Testing'

Song Company Singers (pdf 326 KB)

Final Info Song Co Singers (pdf 276 KB)

Term 2 mornings (pdf 220 KB)

Rel Principal for T3 2018 (pdf 35 KB)