Meet our staff

Mrs Pridham

Mrs Virginia Pridham, teacher

Mrs Virginia Pridham has been a teacher at Bowral Public School for a good many years, so many in fact, that she has taught a number of the parents of our present student cohort! She considers herself fortunate and privileged to have been associated with such a wonderful school for an extended period. Our school has an enviable reputation for excellence, from many years past and continuing to the present day. Mrs Pridham is passionate in her efforts to ensure that this fine reputation continues into the future. She finds the energy, enthusiasm and talent of our school community to be exciting and uplifting. Mrs Pridham's talents in teaching and mentoring students in debating and public speaking are widely acknowledged in our school.


Mrs Matthews

Mrs Colleen Matthews, teacher

Mrs Matthews has a degree in Early Childhood Education and a postgraduate qualification in gifted and talented education.  She has over 20 years teaching experience.

Mrs Matthews enjoys building relationships with the children in her class and teaching them to develop to their full potential. 

Mrs Matthews has been teaching at Bowral since 2011 and is a highly valued staff member!


Mrs Lyttle

Mrs Cassy Lyttle, teacher

Mrs Lyttle is a trained Early Chidhood Educator and has been teaching for over 20 years. She has been at Bowral Public school for 15 years and has a love of teaching through the arts. She is a selling artist and brings her love of colour, texture and vibrancy to the classroom. 

"I believe that our school has a great atmosphere for collaborative learning and that parents, community and staff make our school what it is today. My approach to learning is to involve students in experiences they will remember and that the creative arts is the perfect platform for this. By providing a motivational program with differentiation for students depending upon their needs is the way to enhance the curriculum and promote enthusiastic learners."

I will always be interested in my students and their families.

Miss Davies

Miss Keryn Davies, teacher.

Miss Davies has a Bachelor's degree in K-6 Primary Education, a Diploma of teaching in Early Childhood Education and a post graduate qualification in gifted and talented education as part of a Master of Education course. She has over 20 years teaching experience.

Miss Davies believes in establishing a positive rapport with her class of students so that they can acquire a lifetime love of learning and reach their full potential.

Miss Davies loves travelling and sharing stories of her travels with staff and students alike!

Miss Davies commenced teaching at Bowral Public School in 2002.   


Mrs Hardy

Ms Rachel Gentz, teacher

Ms Rachel Gentz is  passionate, enthusiastic and excited about teaching and learning. She began her teaching career in 1999 at Liverpool West Public school where she taught all years from K-6 as well as one year teaching a New Arrivals Program to non-English speaking students.Ms Gentz began teaching at Bowral Public School in 2005.

Ms Gentz loves her classrooms to be bright, happy, inspirational learning spaces where she aims to create an environment where all students feel valued.

Ms Gentz has 2 children, Tyler and Sebastian. In her spare time she enjoys running and taking her boys to the beach.

This is one of Ms Gentz's favourite quotes: "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." 
 Malala Yousafzai

 Adam Tudor

Mr Adam Tudor, teacher

Adam Tudor has been an educator for 10 years. He obtained a Bachelor of Education at Charles Sturt University in 2005. He has been teaching here at Bowral Public School since 2009 and enjoys every moment. He is an Australian Institute of Teachers' accredited teacher who has a real passion for mathematics, science and technology. He is one of our school's computer coordinators and keeps our technology systems running smoothly. Adam has two boys, Charlie and Archie, both of whom Adam hopes will attend Bowral Public School. Adam also has a very keen interest in fitness and is an avid martial artist.


Mel Hambling


Mrs Mel Hambling, teacher

Mrs Hambling loves being a teacher! She enjoys finding new ways to improve student learning, showing passion and vigor in the classroom.

Mrs Hambling studied at the University of Wollongong and has a degree in Teaching. Her experience, caring nature and ability to make students love learning means that Mrs Hambling is held in high regard by our school community.


Jenny H




Mrs Jenny Henderson, Teacher Librarian

Jenny began her career as a classroom teacher, was a casual teacher when her children were young and after further post graduate university study gained a Master of Applied Science (Teacher Librarianship). She was appointed to Bowral Public School as Teacher Librarian in 2001.

Her current role is a busy and varied one as it combines both teaching and management. As a teacher she enjoys working with all staff and students from K-6 and gets to know them all well. She also oversees the resourcing of our library to support our teaching and learning programs and the reading interests of the children.

She also leads a small team which co-ordinates and maintains the school's technology network. Jenny has resigned from Bowral Public School twice before in her career and has ended up being appointed here a third time. It must be meant to be!

Her interests are of course reading, story telling, children's literature, history, authors and illustrators, drawing and painting, growing a garden and simply learning. "There is just so much fascinating stuff to find out!"