5/6 Sapphire

Oil pastel drawings of ice creams


5/6 Sapphire


Welcome to the home page of 5/6 Sapphire. Our class, taught by Ms. Chantal Webb, comes together each day to embrace the idea that wisdom begins in wonder – because, indeed, it does. In our happy and engaging classroom – one of the bright, sunny rooms in Bowral Public School's brand new building – every one of our 29 class members is given the opportunity to expand their mind through curiosity and wonder and to push themselves towards new horizons. 

We spend most of our mornings tackling the English language with vigour and verve. We read independently, study spelling rules, write different types of texts, build on our comprehension skills and enjoy sharing a class novel. This term we're reading a gorgeous book called "The One and Only Ivan" by Newbery Medal winner Katherine Applegate. 

Between recess and lunch we usually focus on mathematics. We do activities with Ms Webb, use the latest online resources, play maths games, solve puzzles and complete maths tasks independently.

In geography we used the Winter Olympics as a springboard to study Asia and our connection to it. We've considered lots of different aspects of our relationship with this fascinating area such as trade, community, family, politics, fashion, tourism and music (who can forget Gangnam Style?). Each student will be presenting assignments on this topic in early Term 2. 

Science has been run by Miss Pettitt and we've loved exploring space. We've done lots of great hands-on activities, including designing our own mini moon buggies and making models of the solar system with playdough to help us grasp the organisation of the planets and their orbits around the sun. 

We are loving creative arts this semester too. In visual arts, we began with a focus on light and shade and used oil pastels on dark paper to create fantastic pictures of dahlias, then ice-creams – and then the planets. We are now working on our ability to draw with pencil, focusing particularly on a technique called gesture line drawing. If only we had time to do more! For music we've been doing some great singing (our class sings the alto part) and we've tried our hand at African djembe drums. 

In PDHPE we've loved our weekly gymnastics class and Friday afternoon sport. We've also had a big focus on personal development this term with workshops on child protection and our physical development. We're also getting a lot out of our precious time with our buddy class, 1 Daffodil. It's our chance to be the grown-ups and to help the younger children learn. There's just so much to grapple with at this stage of our lives.

Our class also uses on online platform called Seesaw. It's a bit like a window into the classroom so if you are one of our parents and you haven't yet signed up, please ask Ms Webb for help. It's such a great way to keep us all connected. 

If you need anything at all, contact Ms Webb by ringing the office or emailing directly: chantal.webb@det.nsw.edu.au


Yum! Our ice creams drawings!

Here are some of our oil pastel masterpieces. Notice how we used light and shade to create a three-dimensional effect.